RWS05 to RWS5 Wirewound SMD Resistors

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  • Power Dissipation: From 0.5W to 5W
  • Value Range: From R005 to 50K
  • Tolerance Options: ±0.5%, ±1%, ±5%
  • TCR Options: ± 90ppm/°C R1 - R99, ± 50ppm/°C 1R - 10R, ± 20ppm/°C > 10R
  • Maximum Voltage: (PxR) 1/2
  • Dielectric Strength: >500V

Special features: • High overload capability for surge and pulse applications • Low inductance available • RoHS Compliant

Product description

A compact and precision power resistor, manufactured to the highest standard. Reliable and robut but still achieving drift of less than 1% and TCR of 10-90ppm/˚C when rated under conditions.