MRA Precision metal film resistor

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  • Power Dissipation: From 0.125W to 2W
  • Value Range: From R1 to 10M
  • Tolerance Options: From ±0.05% to ±1%
  • TCR Options: From ±5ppm/°C to ±100ppm/°C
  • Maximum Voltage: 500Vac
  • Dielectric Strength: 500Vdc

Special features: Precision metal film with available tolerance down to ±0.05% and TCR as low as ±5ppm/°C E96 preferred value range Available in Taped Ammo and Taped Reel

Product description

Stable films are sputtered on to high purity alumina rods, then covered in tough epoxy to protect from any environmental extremes