KABR Wirewound Metal Clad Braking Resistor

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  • Value Range: From R2 to 2K
  • Tolerance Options: Resistance Value <1Ω ±5% to ±10%, Resistance Value >1Ω ±1% to ±10%
  • TCR Options: ±200 PPM/°C Max
  • Dielectric Strength: 1500VAC RMS for 1 Minute

Special features: Excellent stability, reliability and mechanically rigid - Applications include motor drives, braking and snubber resistors - Stacking solutions available - RoHS Compliant

Product description

The KABR series are a range of metal encased, dynamic breaking resistors.  They are economical and compact and offer excellent load life stability.  Power dissipation of up to 1000W is available in this series.