HS E3 & E6 Threaded Terminals

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'E3 & E6' Terminal range 1
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  • Power Dissipation: At high ambient temperature dissipation derates linearly to zero at 200°C
  • Value Range: From R005 to 100K Depending on Wattage Size
  • Tolerance Options: Standard ±5% (J) and ±10% (K). Also available ±1% (F)
  • TCR Options: Typical values < 1K 100ppm Std. > 1K 25ppm Std.

Special features: • High Power to volume • Wound to maximise High Pulse Capability • Values from R005 to 100K • Custom designs welcome • RoHS Compliant

Product description

ARCOL manufactured Aluminium Housed Resistors are now available with threaded terminals and supplied with fixing kit as standard. M3 terminal available on the 25 & 50 Watt resistors & M6 terminal on the 75 to 150 range.