ACS 10L axial silicon coated resistor

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ACS series
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  • Power Dissipation: 10 watts
  • Value Range: From R5 to 100K
  • Tolerance Options: ±1% or ±5% or ±10%
  • TCR Options: ±20ppm/°C, ±50ppm/°C, ±90ppm/°C (re Ohmic value)
  • Maximum Voltage: 800Vdc
  • Dielectric Strength: 500Vac

Special features: Non-inductive windings are available - with reduced ohmic value range.

Product description

This 10 watt silicone coated axial resistor does not compromise quality to deliver a very low price. Having a high purity alumina core, the ACS, size for size, dissipates more power than most of its competitors.