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New Heatsink Series introduced into ARCOL portfolio

Heatsink Designed for use with ARCOL/Ohmite aluminium housed resistors. Each heatsink is characterised and custom tailored to a specific resistor size, providing a complete thermal solution.

       Heat Sink
HS Series Resistor Length     Part Number
HS75: 5 inches of AH50600 5″ AH50600V05000EE
HS100: 5 inches of AH50600 5″ AH50600V05000FE
HS150: 6 inches of AH12310 6″ AH12310V06000GE
HS200: 6 inches of AH10928 6″ AH10928V06000HE
HS250: 7.5 inches of AH10928 7.5″ AH10928V07500IE
HS300: 10 inches of AH10928 10″ AH10928V10000JE