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TFBR Resistors – Low-inductance, Low-profile, High-power Resistors

The TFBR series is manufactured using cutting-edge film technology, offering low inductance characteristics, making the power resistors particularly suitable to high-frequency applications.

The ARCOL TFBR range now has the option of standard 6.3mm faston terminals, in addition to solder-pad and push-on terminals.

The TFBR series incorporates innovative packaging design, providing a high power density in a very low-profile package. The substrate thickness is 1.0 ± 0.2 mm and the wattages (on a heat sink) are 100W for the TFBR100; 300W for the TFBR300; and 900W for the TFBR900.

The new Power Resistors are RoHS compliant and are designed for easy assembly. The high Instantaneous Pulse Capacity characteristics make the TFBR resistors suitable for braking, snubbing and discharge applications. The Pulse Power is 8 x PNom < 1s.

The other main characteristics include a Tolerance of ± 10% standard and the operating temperature is -55°C to +200°C. The Peak Voltage is 4kV and the Insulation Resistance is 1000MΩ.

The maximum operating voltage is 1,000V  and the temperature coefficient is  ±150ppm/˚C.

Contact ARCOL’s sales office on 01872 277 431 or email for stock availability and pricing.

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