TTI welcomes ARCOL to the team

TTI Specialist Video Announces TTI Ohmite Partnership


ARCOL Takes U.S. by Storm

Fort Worth, Texas – August 21, 2015 – It’s a big day in the world of distribution and The Specialist has teamed up with Ohmite President, Greg Pace, for a press conference to make a very important announcement. The anticipation from the crowd mounts as the news is announced – TTI and Ohmite Manufacturing have partnered to bring ARCOL’s power solutions to its customers across the pond in the United States.

ARCOL, a colorful British chap, is ecstatic to introduce the audience to his “alyoumineeum sisters,” that’s Cockney for aluminum housed wire wound resistors. Known and loved in the UK, Ohmite adds this rising star to its stacked power solutions team. ARCOL sends a message loud and clear that his extensive product offering, high-quality standards and manufacturing excellence will make even Lebron jealous!

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