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ACPP Passivated range of Power Resistors for superior humidity performance

ARCOL ‘s ACPP range of Precision Power Resistors uses thin film technology to offer an extended ohmic range of 10R to 1M5. They are a Passivated range of power resistors for superior humidity performance.

This is the impressive humidity performance: ≤±0.05%, ≤±0.5% (ACPP0402), 1000 hours at 40±2ºC, 90-95% R.H with 1.5 hours on and 0.5 hours off.

The ACPP resistors offer High Precision to ±0.1% and 15ppm/ºC and are fully RoHS Compliant.

Here are is a summary of the main specifications:

  • Value Range: From 49R9 to 1M5
  • Tolerance Options: 0.1%, 0.25%, 0.5%
  • TCR Options: 15, 25, 50PPM
  • Maximum Voltage: 150V
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +155°C
  • Temperature coefficient: ±15ppm/°C, ±25ppm/°C, ±50ppm/°C
  • Overload: ≤±0.2%, ≤±0.1% (ACPP0402), RCWV*2.5 or maximum overload voltage (whichever is lowest) for 2 seconds
  • Thermal shock: ≤±0.02%, ≤±0.1% (ACPP0402), -55ºC +150ºC 100 cycles
  • Endurance: ≤±0.05%, ≤±0.25% (ACPP0402), 70 ± 2ºC, RCWV for 1000 hours with 1.5 hours on and 0.5 hours off

The Power Dissipation ranges from 0.063W to 0.5W:

ACPP0402 0.0625W
ACPP0603 0.0625W
ACPP0805 0.1W
ACPP1206 0.125W
ACPP2010 0.25W
ACPP2512 0.5W

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